Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

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Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

You no longer have to worry about keeping your things safe and out of reach from others. We have the solution to keep your things safe and secure. The innovative keyless lock of the future. You can lock and unlock quickly!

It is designed to keep your valuable things safe and secure and to quickly lock and unlocking your cabinet. It is a perfect solution for the wooden locker, cabinet or single drawer or in multiple user access management. It is easy to set up and operate.


  • Battery operated so no need to power supply
  • Can help you protect your data assets with ease
  • Touch to open, easy to set up, no need for software or PC
  • Offer individuals and companies better control and high-security
  • It can store and recognize up to 10 managing fingerprints and 10 user fingerprints
  • The applications for keyless locks for cabinets include gun cabinets, jewelry cabinets, home office overhead cabinets, garage cabinets, and bathroom medicine cabinets


  • Fingerprint registration: Insert a small hole with a thin stick (such as a paper clip), short press the registration button, hear the music, the panel indicator light, press the finger fingerprint 2 times, hear the music that fingerprint registration success.
  • Delete Fingerprint: Press and hold the registration key, hear the music sound, then hear the "Di" long tone, all fingerprints deleted, restore to the factory state.
  • Use the front panel to start touching the area, the light after the pressing finger, fingerprints through the retraction of the latch, open the door successfully; 5 seconds after the latch automatically extended, closed the door locked


  • 1 x Fingerprint Cabinet Lock