Finger Ring Mouse

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Finger Ring Mouse



Why settle for a computer mouse with a tangled, hard-to-pull wire that confines your hand in one place when you can have a wireless one wrapped around your very own finger? Say hello to the Finger Ring Mouse.

It’s small, efficient, and better than the traditional mouse as it liberates your hand so you can do more. 

Made of stylish sturdy plastic, it slips over your index finger and translates your hand gestures as on-screen cursor movements. No need for a mouse pad as it slides on any smooth surface, reducing hand fatigue and shoulder strain immediately.  With an adjustable Velcro strap to fit any index finger size.


It attaches to your finger so your hands can do more. Now you can type in the keyboard while using this mini mouse at the same time. It’s especially handy when you're traveling, don't want to use a trackpad, don’t have room for a regular mouse, or while taking a break from sitting in front of a desk.

The finger ring mouse is equipped with a 3D scroller/wheel that fully supports the wheel operation functions of Windows OS series.


No installations or drivers needed. All it needs is one AAA battery (not included) to work. Just plug the finger ring mouse’s USB Bluetooth adapter into your laptop or desktop pc and it’s ready to use.