Drill Power Rotating Brush

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  • Soft Colored Nylon Bristle Drill Brush (Color Varies)
  • 4 inch diameter with quarter inch quick change shaft
  • Fused, 7/8 inch length Polypropylene Bristles
  • Ideal for gentle scrubbing 
  • For Hard to clean messes - best results when used with powerful cleaning agents
  • Great for spot cleaning carpet and upholstery
  • Soft nylon bristles
    (similar to those of a toothbrush)
  • 4 inch diameter nylon rotary scrub brush fits all cordless drills and impact drivers
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Low cost same day shipping
4 inch diameter soft bristle brush. Fits cordless drills and is perfect for upholstery (couches, chairs), carpets, and leather seats and furniture. Also popular for cleaning glass. Bristles are about as soft as a toothbrush for gentle scrubbing.
  • Spin & Brush Away Dirt And Grime On Tires, Rims, Carpet, Floor Mats, Upholstery, Boats, Trucks, Walls, Floors, Tile, And More!

Great For The Boat

Great for brushing and cleaning boat decks, pontoon floats, or even plastic docks.

Outdoor Tile, Furniture & More

Great for cleaning brick, stone, patio furniture and much more. Avoid using harsh chemicals by using the power of the Revolver Drill Brush.

Bathroom, Kitchen and Floors

Great for kitchen and bathroom tile, grout and other uses around the house. Use the drill brush on tough carpet stains.

Package Includes:
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Screw
Please Note: Product color may vary based on availability 
I really love it!
on April 27, 2018
I finally ordered this thing after much mooning over it and I am well satisfied with it. It made short work of cleaning my shower surround and other smooth surfaces. I used it with my cordless drill, spent all day having fun with it, and ran out two batteries.
Great and cheap :)
on May 5, 2018
I bought this to make my life easier, and it's done exactly that. So far I've used this on my glass shower walls, fiberglass tub, tile floors, and kitchen sink. It's has left everything looking brand new. I would highly recommend this to anyone dealing with tough stains.
Where has this been all of my life?
on March 29, 2018
This thing is awesome. It takes a bit of time to get used to handling it. You have to hold the drill just right. But once you get the technique down, it works beautifully. It doesn't do tight corners well. But it makes up for it by doing fast, hard work on flatter surfaces.