Colorful Fluffy Slime

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Have you heard of fluffy slime? Why is slime so much fun to play with? Release your pressure and enjoy the magic fun with Colorful, non-sticky scented giant fluffy slime!

Stretch, squeeze and play with your new slime. Slime flies when you're having fun! It's time for kids to grab their partners in slime and have a great time. Fluffy, puffy, soft and's super fun to manipulate and great for keeping hands busy.

Kids can create one-of-a-kind slime and assemble arts, crafts, and projects
This washable glue provides a fun way to bond together materials like paper, wood, fabric, and ceramics.
The non-runny and washable formula is easy for children to use and is easy to clean up.


  • Anxiety reducer
  • Party favor
  • Stress relief toy
  • Fidget toy, help kids to improve their creative imagination!

Please keep it in a container when you don't use your fluffy slime!

Extremely tactile, great fun and endless potential! This has to be seen and touched to be believed. There is nothing else like it! Kids love it - and why not! Safe and non-toxic. Non toxic, but please don't eat it!

Package Includes: 1 Box 20g Fluffy Slime