12 Pcs Learn to LockPick Set

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We all know someone who harbours a not-so-secret desire to be a spy, an international agent, James Bond, Jason Bourne, etc.

Make their dreams or even your own dreams come true and get the ball rolling by achieving lock picking skills!

This wonderful set is all you will need to be picking locks fast. The picks, the knowledge, and a couple of locks to practice on.

Whether you work as a property manager who occasionally needs to get into an apartment, you're a locksmith who's always on-call, or you're a law enforcement professional who likes to be prepared for anything. All survivalists should learn this essential skill. You will never know when it will come in handy.

With our beginners lock picking set you can learn the ins and out of how a lock works and how to pick any lock.


If you want to see all the movement of the pins and springs a clear Acrylic shell like these locks is the only way. This is a polished molded shell featuring pins and springs designed specifically for this lock. The result is a very clear view, comfortably hold and realistic lock picking action.

HURRY! This is not sold in stores